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Written with Parks Associates, a leading market research firm for emerging consumer technology, The Evolving Digital Media Landscape details the life stages of video consumption and analyzes trends in the OTT service ecosystem, and offers strategies for providers to succeed now and in the future by perfecting their OTT services for consumers. 

In this white paper, you will:

Learn about emerging, multiplatform trends in the streaming market.

Find out what video services consumers prefer and how life stages impact viewership.

Discover how OTT video subscription services will change and evolve in the coming years.

Read over 15 pages of exclusive consumer research about OTT video services, Live TV, and other alternative media platforms.

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Streaming continues to dominate the video consumption of most Americans today. As a result, the streaming market has also become extremely competitive and fragmented. This is why companies and providers are continuously working on developing a strategy that would predict what people want and make their brand be more appealing.