Lifespaces | Let’s Talk About Stress: Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace
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Colliers International in partnership with the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP), present "Lifespaces | Let’s Talk About Stress: Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace" to be held via live webinar on November 11, 2020.

Our very own, Vice President for Human Resources Ma Ann Reyes will be one of the panelists, who will shed light and give guidance on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of employees, redefining employee engagement on a digital leveland the importance of company culture in managing mental health and stress.

Ma. Gia Grace B. Sison, MD
Head, Women's Wellness Center
Makati Medical Center
Karen Davila
Journalist and TV Presenter
ABS-CBN News Channel

Ma Ann Reyes
Vice President
Human Resources
Victoria Marquez
Employee Experience Expert
Globe Telecom, Inc.
Nick Hazlett
Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Environment Senor Specialist


   November 11, 2020
  10:00 AM  

How to Capitalize on the Virtual Experience Economy in 2021
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The Experience Economy was in full effect, with 76% of consumers agreeing they would rather spend money on experiences over material items. But almost overnight, the pandemic upended this. Consumers now seek out brands who use technology to make their experiences with products and services seamless and contactless, while still retaining a human touch. We are entering the virtual experience economy.

In this webinar, leaders from CX transformation company, Everise, and leading cloud contact center software provider, Bright Pattern, share their first-hand experience and best practises many of the top brands are utilizing to capitalize and evolve into the new experience age.
Jeremy Jepperson
EVP Operations, Everise
Ted Hunting
SVP Marketing, Bright Pattern
Kirk Laughlin
Founder of Next Coast Media & Nearshore Americas

   November 19, 2020
  11:00 AM PST  

Webinar: Support: Onboarding and Ongoing Services
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The adoption of connected devices allows consumers to monitor and manage aspects of their personal lives more efficiently and effectively. The increasing technical complexity in the home demands new support strategies and tools that can efficiently, and often remotely, identify the root causes of technical issues and address them efficiently.

Join Everise PX General Manager and Systematic Insights® lead, Peter Butler, alongside Parks Associates and industry experts, as they address how connected devices enable new ways to deliver support services. During the discussion, they will reveal new levels of consumer engagement enabled by connected devices and how to create and extend value to consumers in order to generate new revenue streams.

   October 07, 2020
  11:00 AM CT (120 min)  
United States