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Everise CX is a global healthcare customer experience leader. For more than a decade, we've mediated some of life's most important healthcare interactions for over 30-million people. We have the resources and unrivalled expertise needed to rapidly and economically handle the influx of vaccine support.
In this case study, you will find out:

icon-check How Everise Surge can help you meet the exponentially growing demand for Covid vaccine support.

icon-check How Everise managed to set up a secured and sustainable Covid vaccine surge support within seven days.

icon-check How we are able to fill the service gaps with the help of automation and conversational chatbots.

icon-check How we help our healthcare partners maintain a positive relationship with their customers.


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The development of the COVID-19 vaccine is one of the most anticipated and contentious events of the century. Everise is here to get you through the impending surge of vaccine support requests with your costs kept down, data kept secure and patients kept happy and healthy.