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Despite being known as a non-revenue generator, the Human Resource department remains to be one of the most vital processes for any business. One of the goals for every company’s HR department is to eliminate costs and staff inefficiency from time-wasting repetitive tasks.

By utilizing Artificial Intelligence technology, we have found a way to resolve these issues. Everise’s very own HR chatbot, Ana, saw a 99% acceptance rate on just 30 days since release. Meanwhile, HALI an intelligent HR assistant developed by Everise DX, saved 3,800 hours of annual HR support for Hong Leong Bank.

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Hear from Everise DX automation experts discuss how our Intelligent HR Helpdesk helps employees.

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Responding to routine requests takes the human out of human resources and decreases productivity. Using AI, we've solved that problem, freeing HR Helpdesk staff of routine requests that saves time and effort, while increasing HR productivity.