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Long before the arrival of COVID-19, we at Everise have established ourselves as food delivery customer experience leaders. In addition to strategic on, near, and off-shore geographic distribution, bolstered by a 90% home-based workforce, our experience allowed us to meet the needs of clients experiencing growth nobody imagined possible.

We offer premium Customer Experience (CX) resources, which are backed by integrated Product Experience (PX) and Digital Experience (DX) transformation solutions providing a full-spectrum approach to support.


In this case study, you'll learn:

icon-check    How Everise maximizes user retention and satisfaction through our multilingual hubs in Asia and Europe.

icon-check    How Everise employs cross-training and predictive queue management to accommodate spikes in demand.

icon-check    How Everise uses automation and AI-powered technologies to dramatically improve user experience.

icon-check    How Everise utilizes innovative recruiting techniques to provide premium support to our food-service partners.

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The global pandemic has redefined what is meant by essential. Former nice-to-have services suddenly became indispensable to key segments of society. This is evidently true when it comes to food delivery services, which quickly emerged as the sole source of sustenance for many of the most vulnerable worldwide.